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Zeus And The Thunderbolt Of Doom
by Holub, Joan

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Zeus and the Thunderbolt of Doom was great because it was about Zeus's adventure. And, he found the bolt that stays stuck to his hand. Then, there will be more adventures with the Olympians.

Emily Windsnap And The Monster From The Deep
by Liz Kessler

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I liked the book because it had a life of a mermaid and a human. It had some real features,like the Bermuda Triangle. It was a fun book to read with cruises and islands.

Harry Potter
by J.k. Rowling

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The Chamber of Secrets is the second book in the Harry Potter series. In this book there is a magical house elf, Dobby, that tells Harry he should never go back to school again because it's too dangerous. Harry does not listen and goes back to Hogwarts. He is joined by his two best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. While at school, the three students try to figure out who the Heir of Slytherin is. At the end of the book, the Heir of Slytherin is revealed and is they know where it is hiding.

Mac &Cheese
by Sarah Weeks

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Great book with rhymes for kids.

Look Both Ways Jason Reynolds
by Jason Reynolds

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This book is a series of 10 short stories of things that happen after the dismissal bell rings. The connections are that all the main characters go to the same school (although they don’t necessarily know each other) and all the main action takes place the same day. Careful readers will be able to find more connections in the text and find one phrase that appears in all 10 stories.

Bad kitty happy birthday bad kitty
by Nick Bruel

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The Lost Future of Pepperharrow
by Natasha Pulley

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An amazing sequel to The Watchmaker of Filigree Street. This 1880s historical fantasy is about a clairvoyant man who manipulates events to change the course of history but is captured by a government official for research after returning home to a turbulent Japan with his partner and their adopted daughter. A great Historical/Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Romance

Prairie Lotus
by Linda Sue Park

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This book is set in Dakota Territory in the 1880’s. Hanna and Papa are headed to the frontier town on LaForge, where Papa plans to open a store. They know that there may be trouble as Hanna is half Chinese. People are not used to seeing those of Asian descent, and Hanna is forced to endure discrimination and hurtful comments and actions as she tries to attend school. In the Author’s Note we read that some of the story is autobiographical.

by Eoin Colfer

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A fresh take on a dragon story

Never Girls In A Blink
by Kiki Thorpe

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I thought the book was really awesome because I liked how real girls like me get to go to Never Land and Pixie Hollow and be a part of the adventures with Tinker Bell and the other fairies. I thought it was silly how the fairies called the girls clumsies.