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Book Reviews
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by David Platt

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Transformational book for any Christian reader!

Lord Of The Fliese
by William Golding

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Hard to put down

The Westing Game
by Ellen Raskin

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This book is about a game put on by Sam Westing who was a very wealthy man. The contestants are invited to play his game when Sam’s will is read. These people compete in the Westing Game for a chance to win a fortune in money. Sam also says that one of the contestants is a killer but no one knows exactly who it is. The contestants eventually realize the game is not exactly what it seems.

Eva And The Lost Pony
by Rebecca Elliott

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Loved it

Ling And Ting
by Grace Lin

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It's so much more fun than I thought!

Bad Kitty Gets A Bath
by Nick Bruel

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Where The Watermelons Grow
by Cindy Baldwin

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This book takes place in NC, Where the Watermelons Grow. The family is going through some rough times. The worst thing is Mama’s brain sickness is getting worse. She lives in a world of “bad germs” and hears voices in her head that no one can hear. Della does what she can to help out, but nothing seems to help. Della is afraid Mama will have to go back to the “special” hospital. She doesn’t want anyone to know that Mama’s condition is getting worse. But she needs to remember that “you get by with a little help from your friends” and family. Even Where the Watermelons Grow! May be helpful for students who have family members with brain health issues.

Flying Solo
by Ralph Fletcher

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It was a Awesome book to read! I like the way that they could handle a day without a teacher!

Lord Of The Rings
by Jr Tolkien

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Intense book

Dogman Books
by Dave Pilkey

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Great book!